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Lenten Bytes

In yesterday’s byte, we explored how we are called and challenged to grow in the spiritual life as it concerned “you shall not kill.” Today Jesus draws our attention to growth in love (Mt.5:43-48). We embrace various stages in our lives: moving from loving family, to friends, to neighbours, to ultimately our enemies. There are no barriers to love.

This layered approach to life and love is an indication of our psychological and spiritual maturity. To love everyone and be at peace with all, is a recognition of the dignity that is God-given to each person and a promotion of good health. To love without expectations or ‘labels’, is to truly fulfil the responsibility to love others as we are loved by God.

Lord Jesus, You showed us the ultimate sign and ‘cost’ of true love by forgiving Your executioners even as You were dying on the cross for us. Teach us how to truly love. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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