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The Finance Committee!...It is Better to Give!


Just like businesses, churches need people in different roles to help make everything run smoothly. Some of the positions, such as the pastor and administrative assistant or secretary, receive compensation, while volunteers fill the other positions. One such position, church finance committee member, works as part of a team to manage and track a congregation's budget and finances. The job description for the church finance committee includes several main duties.


Before developing a budget each year, the church finance committee asks the heads of the other church committees and groups to submit written requests for funds. The committee then meets to put together the budget, taking into account payroll for paid positions, the committee requests, overhead costs and special funds. The committee proposes the budget to the congregation, asking for approval. The church finance committee may also annually recruit and train offering counters to assist with recording member's contributions each week.


Annual Duties


Throughout the year, the church finance committee oversees the budget, keeping the finances in line. The church finance committee stays in contact with the church's treasurer, assisting him in tracking finances and keeping with the budget. At regular church business meetings, the church finance committee presents the current financial statement. The church finance committee may also present at an annual church voter's meeting. 

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