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A Stewardship Community...All are Welcome!

The Stella Maris Church is a stewardship community that gives freely and generously of its time, talent and treasure.  With over twenty ministries, the community reaches out to the parishioners through its Sunday School, Prayer Meeting and Bible Studies programmes.  We also extend ourselves to serving Christ in the prisons, through our feeding programmes and the Foundation for our less fortunate brothers and sisters.  At Stella Maris our words and deeds preach as we seek to honor the great commission to go to people everywhere and make disciples of them.


Driven by the Word and centered on the Eucharist, we are a dynamic and vibrant community; full of hope, called to proclaim our faith, to evangelize and enkindle God's people, and to serve the needs of others in everything we do.


Stella Maris has been served by our pastor, Dr. the Rev. Father Howard Thompson, since August, 2011.  He is dedicated to our Parish and service to others.  Fr. Howie inspires and challenges both the youth and the young at heart of our Parish - “ aim higher and to wade deeper into the waters of our faith; to be set aflame with the Power of the Holy Spirit!”

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