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Our Beautiful Faith...The Joy of Catholicism!

The best time to rediscover our beautiful faith is right now!  You have come to this page on this website for a reason…it did not happen by chance. God sent you.

Every Catholic should be able to answer the question - “Why am I Catholic?” and that answer should be more than…”Oh, I was baptized Catholic, or my family has always been Catholic”. The answer should reflect a real and personal relationship with our God.

The allure of Catholicism lies in the movement of the Holy Spirit through the Church.  Our holy Church provides: i)  Healing - through God’s love, mercy & grace; ii) a real encounter with the living Christ - experienced through Prayer and the Sacraments; iii) a Home and Community - through its diversity and inclusiveness; iv) Reliability and Dependability - through its accessibility, rich traditions and rituals; and v) Joy - in living out our Vocation in Christ!

Simply put…it is knowing that no matter where we are in life or how far we have fallen, we have a God who knows our names, and who finds us wherever we are. He calls us to Himself and accepts us just as we are!  We are called to live our respective vocations. The Sacraments and Prayer allow us to receive God's grace and the gifts we need to follow His will.  He calls us to His Church because He desires fellowship with Him and each other. God provides everything we need to help us on our journey of faith.  Jesus commands to, “Love God with everything and neighbour as self”.  Here the true beauty and joy of life is revealed in the Church!...Read more

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