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God Is Calling You...Come back to Him!

All are Welcome!     
Not Catholic...not a problem!  "All are Welcome" is what we believe as Church at Stella Maris. Here you will find that one of the strengths and blessings of the Catholic Church is the recognition of the dignity of the human person, and respecting the notion of unity in diversity. We belong to the household of God [Eph. 2:19].
Through Jesus Christ we are adopted childeren of our heavenly Father [Eph 1:5]. Our love for God and each other is the witness and identity of being one family. 
Catholic Faith FAQs


We know that the Catholic Church can seem mysterious to Non-Catholics but we are here to help.  Please see below some fequently asked questions on which you can click for the answers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who founded the Catholic Church?

  2. How do I become a member of the Catholic Church?

  3. Who do Catholics worship: God or Mary?

  4. Do Catholics worship the Saints?

  5. Why should I go to the sinful Priest to confess my sins?

  6. Read all of our FAQs

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