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Youth Faith Ministries...Dare to be a Disciple!

Youth Alive Ministry

After Confirmation, our young members (14-21 years) are encouraged to join the Stella Maris Youth Alive Ministry in order to continue their faith formation.  Youth Alive seeks to bring together the young people of the Parish in a fun-filled environment in which they are encouraged and guided in their personal and spiritual growth. We offer a safe space for our youth to share their own ideas and concerns within the context of a supportive group of their own peers and adults.  

Join us!  Let us build bonds of friendship and love as catholic youth who are called to enjoy life as a gift of God and play our part in building His Church. Read more...

Young Adults Ministry

Stella Maris YAM strives to equip its members with tools to become a better version of themselves, and ultimately a better disciple of Christ.  For the past four years, our core team has been committed to providing numerous avenues in which the young adults of the parish can deepen their spirituality, reflect on God’s goodness, and learn how to cope in a world full of distractions...Read more...

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