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Welcome Home...God's love is unconditional!

"Our Heavenly Father loves us becasue He is love." [1 Jn. 4:7-8]  His love for us is unconditional.  When we choose to return to Him, no matter how far we have strayed, His arms are always ready to welcome us home.   Anyone who has experienced a significant incident, or have felt a quiet longing, a slight tug at your heart - a feeling that something is missing - this is the whispering of the Holy Spirit, nudging you to answer God's call to come back to Him and His Church.
It is said - "Once a Catholic, always a Catholic."  We want you to feel at home at Stella Maris, and invite you to journey with us. Let us rediscover and live the wonder, the mystery and the truth of God's love and our faith.  We are glad that your search has lead you here to Stella Maris.  We hope that  you wil find the joy and peace you seek in the Lord.
Rediscover The Beauty Of Your Faith!

​Jesus our Lord is the founder of the Roman Cathoilc Church. He is perenially present in the church through the Scriptures, the People, the Altar, the Spirit and the Eucharist.  Jesus has promised His Spirit will guide us in all truth. Our Church contains the deposit of truth that has been passed from one generation to the next.  The Cahtolic Church is the vehicle of God's grace which leads all His children into the gift and the promise of eternal life.  Click below to explore the beauty of our Faith.

Come Journey With Us!

As we embark on our faith journey, we seek to (re)discover the truth, the wonder and the mystery of the Catholic faith.  There will be times when we struggle, stumble and even fall...but as a Church Community journeying together, we believe that God's mercy and grace will lead us home. We invite you to come and join us for any one of our three [3] weekend Masses - Click below to see what's next.

The Joy & Peace Of Reconciliation!

​Your response to the Holy Spirit's prompting to return home to the Catholic Church, invites you to rekindle the joy of the Lord's presence through the sacrament of Reconcilliation.  It is a gift of God's boundless mercy.  God is ready to forgive if we are open to confess our sins.  Through the power of the Spirit, the grace to forgive and be restored is given directly by God through the instrument of the priest. Call or Click below to see how you can celebrate the sacrament.

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