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The Mass...A Celebration of Thanksgiving!

Our Parish Secretary says, "I celebrate Mass to get closer to Jesus through the Eucharist."  


Roman Catholics recognize the Eucharistic Celebration (Mass) as the source and summit of the grace and strength that God provides for His people.  At Mass we are fed from the table of the Word and the table of the Eucharist.  Scripture and prayers are shared to bolster our minds and hearts.  The Eucharist is consumed to fortify our bodies and spirits so that we can become more like Jesus.


We gather to celebrate the blessings of God in our lives and to give Him thanks for His fidelity.  Our faith tells us that when we gather in His name then He is truly present [Mt 18:20].  Christ is present in the Eucharist, the Scripture, the Altar, the Priest and the People.  When we gather as a community, it is then we truly reflect the truth that we are the Body of Christ consisting of different people united in one purpose; giving praise and thanks to God. The Mass forshadows and anticipates the great gathering that is found in heaven [Rv 7:11]..


Come and celebrate the glory of God with us.  Our liturgical celebration in the present prepares us for a future that is expected and promised.

The Holy Eucharist
Preparing ourselves for Mass
Contemplating the mysteries ahead
The Altar
Our Music Ministry
Entrance procession
Palm Sunday procession
Entering the Sanctuary
Introductory Rites
First scripture reading
Responsorial Psalm
Second scripture reading
Gospel reading
Listening attentively
The Lord be with you
Good Friday -Veneration of the Cross
Infant baptism
Talent abound
Dramatization in Mass
Dance Ministry
I am your Spiritual Father
The Spirit be with you
Stella Maris flash mob!
Altar Servers at work
Incensation of gifts
Eucharist Prayer
This is My Body...
This is My Blood...
Asking for God's grace and blessing
Lord we are not worthy...
Distribution of Holy Communion
Special Ministers of Holy Communion
Receiving Holy Communion
Receiving Holy Communion
Receiving the precious Blood
The Blood of Christ...Amen
Thank you God for this sacrament
Welcoming our first time Visitors
Vocations Chalice Exchange
Prayer for family and vocations
Final prayers...
Doxology after Mass
After Mass meet and greet
Catching up after Mass
After Mass meet and greet
After Mass meet and greet
Or just hanging out
After Mass meet and greet
Or just hanging out
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