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Lenten Bytes

Growth in holiness is a never ending journey that moves from one level to the next. We see an example of the different levels in today’s gospel. The measurable evidence is based on God’s command of “you shall not kill’”. The believer moves from not killing someone with weapons, to not assassinating a person’s character with words, to ultimately living in peace and not allowing anger to take hold of our hearts (Mt. 5:21-24).

Believers should give thanks for each level of spiritual growth we can identify with the power and help of the Holy Spirit. However, pray for God’s grace to be continuously poured upon us, because the levels are many and we have much more growth to attain.

Lord Jesus, You give us Your word and Spirit to help us to identify and achieve various levels of spiritual growth. Help us not to get complacent, but to keep growing in grace and favour with You and others, so that we will all bear fruits that last forever. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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