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Lenten Bytes

Ever since Cain killed Abel, violence has been constitutive in our journey of life. Every age has seen its share of brutality, murder and war. Almost every individual has been exposed to news of violence, or has been the target of vicious words and actions.

Jesus, in His role as Saviour of the world, could not escape the reality of systemic violence. His light disturbed the darkness in people, resulting in their defaming and rejecting Him. An attempt to stone Him (Jn. 10:31) would lead to His eventual crucifixion.

Anyone who contributes to violence in any shape or form should gaze on Christ crucified. Anyone who suffers from the violent words and actions from others can take comfort from the victory of Christ over suffering and death. Strive to live in peace at all times.

Lord Jesus, You are the Prince of peace, but You had to absorb the violence in our world by being nailed to the cross. Help us to choose to be Your instruments of peace. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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