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Lenten Bytes

Every time the narrative of Jonah is presented (Jon. 3:1-10), it never fails to fascinate me.

Two points cause me to be amazed: it takes three days to walk through Nineveh, but Jonah only walks one day; Jonah delivers the shortest sermon in the history of preaching (eight words to be exact), and yet the impact spurs the entire city to conversion.

The Season of Lent invites us to be more conscious of our need for ongoing conversion by God’s grace. Our imperfection due to our sins is no match for the Lord’s perfect love and mercy. If we yield to the gentlest and lightest nudge of the Holy Spirit — our Jonah — the Lord will help us. God does not desire our death, but seeks our salvation.

Lord Jesus, Your love is unbounded and Your mercy is never ending. Help us to recognise the areas in our lives that need conversion. May we have the courage to embrace Your love and grace, so that our repentance may lead us into Your eternal kingdom. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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