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Lenten Bytes

The Season of Lent serves as a basis on how we can grow and become “the greatest” by being each other’s servant (Mt. 23:11). We are all given the gift of prayer so that we have no excuse not to pray for friend and foe. A people of prayer must pray for all.

Our fasting is not just from food and drink, but more importantly from all thoughts, words and actions that displeases our God. As God is generous to us, so we are to be generous with others by fulfilling our promises and obligations. Grow during Lent.

Lord Jesus, help us to humbly recognise that all that we have and are given, come from Your bounty. As You pour out Yourself for us, may we show ourselves spiritually “great” by praying for all people, living good lives and return Your generosity to others. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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