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Lenten Bytes

We can be in the presence of others and not feel connected. This is true of a family who sits at table or any gathering of people. The reasons may vary, but the feeling remains. Even those on social media can boast of having ‘friends’, but in reality are very lonely.

This experience is also true in our spiritual lives. We can sit in Church and experience a real disconnect from God and each other. Sin keeps us distant from God. Our anger and the state of our hearts keep us from each other (Mt. 5:20-26).

If we turn away from our sins, God is ready and willing to forgive us (Ez. 18:21). God’s love keeps us connected with Him. This is all due to His initiative and mercy. As we receive from God, are we ready to forgive each other? This is the path to being connected.

Lord Jesus, the blood that You shed on the cross is the glue that keeps us connected with You. Wash away our sins, and make us clean and always close to You. As we are forgiven, help us to forgive everyone, so that our bonds of love are the sign that we are Your people. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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