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Lenten Bytes

It is one thing to do something, it is quite another to do it for the right reason and to derive the proper result. Take the example of fasting during Lent. We fast as part of the virtue of sacrifice to draw close to the Lord in His suffering, and not primarily to lose weight.

Our Lord encourages fasting (Mt. 9:15) as a discipline to keep us spiritually alert. It is to be used to reign in our emotions. If our fasting leads to quarrelling and fighting (Is. 58:4), then we have missed the whole point. All that we do is for God’s glory and our growth.

Lord Jesus, Your one perfect sacrifice has resulted in the gift of eternal life for those who trust, repent and believe. May our sacrifices of fasting, almsgiving and prayer be joined to Yours, so that we can become inspirations of love and peace in our world. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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