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Lenten Bytes

Sometimes, in order to progress and move ahead, we have to retreat and go back to that place of affirmation. When a marriage is on shaky grounds, both spouses need to pause and return to the day of their wedding. When friendships get strained, a return to the initial days of discovery and new joy need to be reclaimed.

We see the pain and suffering that Jesus experienced from the crowd, even to the point of nearly being stoned (Jn. 10:31). In His frustration, He returned to the place where He was baptised by John (Jn. 10:40). It was the place of revelation for His ministry, a springboard into action. By retreating to that place, He could then move forward.

When life gets too stressful, frustrating or pressuring, return to the arms of our Lord. Recall and return to those moments when we felt the loving touch and warm embrace of our God. It is in these quiet moments of reflection and recollection, this ‘closet of prayer’ (Mt. 6:6) that we will find grace and strength to do the work of the Lord.

Lord Jesus, Your love refreshes us every day of our lives. Help us to draw strength from You. When the challenges become too heavy, help us to seek and find You, especially in those moments when we felt close to You. Bless us to carry out Your good works. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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