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Lenten Bytes

A few years ago, I had a conversation with a dear friend who died last year. He loved God, but had a difficulty with the fact that when some hard questions were posed concerning life, he was frustrated with not getting an acceptable answer. He was quite upset with the answer, “God is mystery”, since he thought answers should be available.

Answers to questions give us comfort and control. But experience reveals that God, who imparts life and love, cannot be contained in a box of answers. This is where faith and trust become our anchor in the storm. Joseph did not know what God had in mind for him and a pregnant Mary, but he trusted in the Lord’s directives (Mt. 1:18-24).

During this year of St. Joseph, each of us is invited to imitate the virtues of trust and faith in our God the way he did. Answers may not come, but the beautiful invitation of journeying with our God, who has only good plans for our lives, is an enticing and exciting adventure that promises a reward that is ‘out of this world’.

Lord Jesus, we trust in You. We know Your ways are not our ways, and Your plans are tabled for our good. May the exercise of our faith in Your love yield the rich harvest of Your glory. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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