• Fr. Howard Thompson

Lenten Bytes

When no one seems to understand our plight, when no one responds to our need or gives us the assistance we need, we can take comfort that it is the Lord Himself who will come and personally intervene to rescue us. This is the truth portrayed today (Jn. 5:1-9). The faith we have in God is nothing compared to His faithful love for us.

Whatever we are facing today; whatever the issues, challenges or battles we undergo, take courage. We can be strong and take comfort in the fact that our Lord who created the universe, the Commander of countless hosts of Angels, the great Healer and Source of strength, is with us and will save us. Today, be at peace and trust Him.

Lord Jesus, You are the One who knows all my needs. Pour Your grace upon me, so that I may not only trust in Your will and timing to act in my life, but also to confidently praise and thank You for the wonderful ways You reveal Your power and love to me. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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