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Lenten Bytes

True Disciples listen to the Lord and follow His ways. Today’s gospel reinforces the truth that real love is evidenced by the unlimited exercise of forgiveness (Mt. 18:21-35). Our God reveals His love for us by choosing to forgive us, because of the sacrifice of Jesus. We are called to imitate our God by choosing to forgive others as a sign of our love. God freely forgives us without force. We cannot be forced, but are called to freely forgive others.

The authentic Disciple is not one who speaks about God and goes to Church. These are secondary. The primary light of every believer, is to reveal our love for God by forgiving all. Forgiveness can be done by anyone, no matter one’s age, stage, status or location in life. It is not easy, but God gives the grace to forgive, even as He reminds us that we are forgiven. So are we ‘talkers’ or ‘doers’? Let love and forgiveness be the legacy we impart.

Lord Jesus, help us to forgive others without limit, the way You forgive us when we cry out to You. May love and mercy be the ‘legs’ on which we walk in our spiritual lives. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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