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Lenten Bytes

Today’s gospel relates the rejection of Jesus (Lk. 4:24-30). From the moment He began His ministry, three points concerning His rejection are to be noted: He was rejected by His own people; those who rejected Him were members of the synagogue, although He was rejected, His Father delivered Him from their mouths and physical presence.

We who genuinely follow the Lord must expect the same. An authentic disciple of the Lord, even with one’s weakness and sins, must expect rejection from family, friends, and above all, from people who are members of the Church. But our reward is the same as Jesus: we too are delivered from them, and kept safe in the loving arms of our God.

Loving Father, as You delivered Your Son Jesus from His opponents, so too we ask that You save and protect us from those who fail to show love and support. Help us to take courage from the fact that You are with us, and have the power to shelter us in Your Spirit. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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