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Lenten Bytes

The Liturgical colour for the Season of Lent is purple. Contrast two men dressed in purple: the man in today’s gospel (Lk. 16:19) and Jesus (Mk. 15:17). The former had everything he needed, but lacked sensitivity and generosity. He ignored the plight of poor Lazarus and kept his distance. A magnified distance of eternal damnation was his reward.

Jesus left his riches (2 Cor. 8:9) and became like ‘Lazarus’ in our midst. As Lazarus was covered in sores, so Jesus was beaten for our sake. Unlike the rich man in the gospel, He aligned Himself with the suffering poor in our world. His ‘self-emptying’ (Phil. 2:7) resulted in resurrection from the dead and bonding with all who follow Him. Give thanks.

Lord Jesus, You bestow the richness of Your grace and mercy to all who cry out to You. May we feast on the plenitude of Your love and share it willingly with others. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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