• Fr. Howard Thompson

Holy Week Bytes

In today’s gospel the crowd gathers, not only to see Jesus, but also Lazarus who He had raised from the dead (Jn. 12:9). Lazarus was a pre-figure of what was to come with the Lord. Like Lazarus, Jesus would die and return from the dead. But unlike Lazarus, Jesus is raised and will never die again. He lives forever.

Are we living our lives with the consciousness of this reality? If we own the truth that we will die and cannot take anything with us, then we will all develop a healthier relationship with material things that we must leave behind. We will also have a motive to follow the Lord and His ways, because resurrection is our reward.

Lord Jesus, we place all our hope in You, because You are the source of our resurrection. Keep us close to You, and when the time is right, welcome us into Paradise. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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