• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

When we speak, what picture do we paint? Is it a picture of calm or confusion? Is it one of harmony or disharmony? Like an artist with an eye for detail, do we paint to capture all the ‘colours’ of the landscape, or are we selective in what we present? Usually the picture that is painted is the one chosen by the artist, but may often not be a complete representation.

Stephen painted a graphic picture of the good news of Jesus through his ministry to the people (Acts 6:8). However, there were those who set about painting a picture based on false witness (Acts 6: 9-15). Two pictures were painted on the same experience, but each artist painted a different picture of the same event that presented inconsistent portraits.

Ultimately, the pictures we present are based on our mindset, intention and agenda. Those who take the time to gather all details of an experience, will present a better picture. We who take the time to draw close to the Lord, and allow His word and Spirit to take control of our lives, will present a portrait of love and life that will inspire others and win souls for Him.

Lord Jesus, You are the picture and Person of life and love. Fill us with Your Spirit, so that the words we speak and the pictures we paint, will lead to a deeper appreciation and real celebration of the values of Your eternal kingdom. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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