• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

The exuberant feeling of satisfaction from a job well done is one that is cherished by all. Both the worker and recipients celebrate the journey of the task and the result at the end. The feelings of joy and peace stir excitement, and become a source of motivation to either continue the good work or explore something new. This approach yields its own reward.

We see Jesus feeding the crowd and having leftovers from meagre portions (Jn. 6:1-15). It is significant to note that Jesus did not work to be promoted as an earthly king. He worked primarily to reveal the bountiful love and mercy of His Father, so that all may be drawn to Him, and not settle for ‘earthly’ recognition. Work is work, but the motive is different.

When we work to be acclaimed or promoted, we run the risk of feeling disappointed when it does not come our way. This can give rise to resentment and manifest itself in demotivated and reduced efforts. But when we do our tasks with the primary aim to please our God and advance His glory, we will never be disappointed. Work for the Lord and be at peace.

Lord Jesus, fill us with Your power, so that our work will give You honour, our service will lift up Your name, and our lives will be dedicated to advancing Your glory. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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