• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

“What concern is it of yours?” Twice Jesus asks this question of Peter (Jn. 21:22-23), the latter being inquisitive about John. How often are we guilty of this? We get pre-occupied with the activities and gossip surrounding others, that it becomes a habitual distraction in our spiritual lives. It is a powerful source of addiction in constantly needing to know.

Jesus abruptly tells Peter, and all who imitate Peter by being consumed about the lives of others, to ‘mind your own business’. It is one thing to be genuinely concerned for another, with an aim to show practical care. It is more of an ego-trip to be obsessed with news of others just for the sake of knowing and gossiping. Tend to one’s own development.

Lord Jesus, You desire each of us to grow in grace and favour with You and Your people. May Your Holy Spirit help us to focus more intently on our self-denial and advancement in holiness, so that our lives may be sources of inspiration and strength for all. Amen.


Fr. Howie





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