• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

The return of Jesus to His Father prompts the sending of the Holy Spirit (Jn. 16:5-11). The same Spirit that overshadowed Mary and caused the birth of Jesus, is the same Spirit who fills each of us. The purpose of the Spirit is to help us to reveal Jesus to the world.

But like Mary, the Spirit cannot work through us without our consent. Mary’s “yes” gave the Spirit ‘room’ in her womb. If we say “yes” with our lips, but fill the ‘rooms’ of our hearts and minds with anger, jealousy and pride, our ego prevents the Spirit from being effective.

Today, ask the Spirit to remove anything that prevents His power and working in our lives.

Come Holy Spirit, and fill us with us with Your strength and power. Remove the obstacles of sin and egotistic behaviour from our lives, so that we may be worthy temples who allow You to be glorified in our lives. May we choose to reveal Your love and light to all. Amen.


Fr. Howie





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