• Fr. Howard Thompson

Easter Bytes

It is important to distinguish between the peace of Christ and the peace of the world. Our Lord plainly states that they are different (Jn. 14:27). The peace of the world is fleeting. It falsely claims that honours, wealth and popularity will make us happy. Experience shows that this is false, as many who gain these prizes are restless and unhappy.

Christ’s peace is a grace and gift that goes to the core of our being. It is not based on any of the aforementioned worldly standards. Indeed, with or without them, it is steadfast and unaffected. It comes from listening to the Lord and trusting in His power. It is derived from living by the word of the Lord. This peace preserves and satisfies our hearts.

Lord Jesus, breathe Your Spirit of peace upon us. Make us instruments of Your peace in our fractious world. May Your peace sustain our hearts and preserve our minds. Amen.


Fr. Howie





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