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The fable of the six blind men who touched an elephant in order to describe it, is a useful allegory for life. When reporting on anything or anyone, all we have are bits and pieces of the experience. We are never fully aware or attuned to the complete event or person.

We see this truth reflected in today’s gospel (Mk. 8:27-33). The people assigned varying labels to Jesus, but did not present the true picture. It is best to humbly recognise that our judgements are always lacking and should therefore be reserved or withheld.

Seek instead to know who Jesus truly is. The opinions and judgements of people serve only as distractions, and end up being a waste of energy and time. Like Peter, allow our Heavenly Father to reveal what really matters in our journey of life.

Lord Jesus, we declare that You are the Christ, the Saviour of the world. May we use the gifts of our energy and time to seek Your face, draw close to You and love You with every fibre of our being. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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