• Fr. Howard Thompson

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Do we practise prudence and discernment with regards to the things we hear? Do we find ourselves reacting impulsively to what comes to our ears, as opposed to choosing silence and wait in patience until all, or most, of the facts and sides of the story come to light?

Jesus speaks about exercising caution in what we hear (Mk. 4:21-25). If our ‘measure’ is a rash judgement, usually in a negative light, then this same measure will come back against us. It is much better to commend all that we hear to the Lord, and let Him judge.

All-knowing Father, You see all things. Teach us how to listen without making judgements on each other. May we reveal the light of our love by placing everyone and all that we hear into Your hands, so that Your saving grace may take charge of every experience. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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