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Daily Bytes

Believers are exposed to the word of God that is sown through our liturgies, evangelisation and other faith encounters (Mk. 4:1-20). But somehow we do not grow and bear fruits as we should. We do not yield the expected “thirty, sixty and hundredfold”.

Today, spend some to identify the ‘thorns’ (anxieties and cravings) that choke and prevent us from being fruitful. Ask our Lord, who is both the Sower and Word, to free us from these ‘thorns’, trust in His power and become bearers of good fruit in our world.

Lord Jesus, may the seed of Your word find fertile soil in our lives. May Your Spirit help us to remove the thorns of anything that distracts us from Your power, so that we can truly grow and become fruitful branches, deeply rooted in the vine of Your love. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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