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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Bytes

God can empower anyone to be His instrument. Although there are no pre-requisites when it comes to being chosen by God, there are three important criteria that seem to surface as it concerns being called and sent by the Lord to be His agents (Mk. 16:15). The common criteria are: a willingness to listen to the Lord; a sincere desire to please Him and an openness to obey. These traits are all found in Paul (Acts 22:3-16) and the Apostles. These should be evident in all believers. Do we have them or pray for them? Lord Jesus, You look on us with eyes of love and empower us to be disciples of good news. May we cultivate ears ready to listen, hearts willing to obey and feet ready to walk in the ways that please You. Be glorified in our daily lives. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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