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Daily Bytes

Are we on fire to spread the good news as the leper was in today’s gospel (Mk. 1:40-45)? So impressive was the leper’s testimony that the crowd that came to Jesus was incredibly overwhelming. We need a renewed zeal to become effective evangelizers.

For us, evangelization starts in the home. Families need to spend quality time with each other as they pray and share their spiritual journey. Too many spouses come to Church alone, and too many parents allow their children to be absent.

We need to once again re-kindle our zeal to set the world on fire for the Lord.

Come Holy Spirit, and fan into flame a renewed enthusiasm to share with others the good news of Jesus our Saviour. May we see and use the opportunities in our homes, schools, offices, churches and other contexts to reveal Your love and power to all. Amen.


Fr. Howie


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