• Fr. Howard Thompson

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When Jesus taught the people, “they took offence at Him” (Mt. 13:54-58). As it was in the time of Jesus, so it is today. When the word of the Lord is preached or taught, and it hits the core and truth of people’s lives, the response reveals the level of psycho-spiritual maturity.

The immature, tainted with pride and denial, will get irate and lash out in anger. However the more mature will be open to correction, and in humility, see the word that invites change and growth as that which leads to life. Let the word of the Lord be our guide.

Lord Jesus, You desire that we have life abundantly. Help us to humble ourselves. May we allow Your word to comfort, challenge and shape our lives, as we grow into a people who choose to please You. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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