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When we choose to love as God commands, we will be in conflict with not only our family (Mt. 10:34-40), but also with all those who are considered close to us. People tend to love selectively, justifying why they do not love others, and even go as far as to influence others in terms of who to love and who to ignore. This selfish love diminishes our credibility.

The love of God is like the sun. It shines on everyone without exception. The salvation that our Lord offers is meant for all who will accept and embrace it. The grace that He imparts is freely given to every individual to empower to become sources of true love. Loving as God loves will stir the darkness in others and create conflict. But true love leads to life.

Lord Jesus, teach us how to genuinely love all people, not only because You command us, but even more, because it pleases You and draws everyone into Your presence. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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