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Daily Bytes

Like the servants in today’s gospel (Lk. 19:11-28), each of us is entrusted with a ‘gold coin’ to be used for the building of God’s kingdom. This ‘coin’ can be our material wealth; our spiritual fruits; education received; our unique talents or time given to grow in holiness.

The servants who traded the coin made a real return on the investment. The servant who hid the coin, not only did not make any gain but also lost the coin he was given. Spend time today pondering if the ‘gold coin’ you have been given is being used for God’s glory.

Loving Father, You give each of us our unique ability to be intentional good news and real sources of blessings for others. May we never hesitate to apply our personal blessing for the good of Your people and the growth of Your kingdom. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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