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Daily Bytes

We all sin, but do we all repent? It is good to acknowledge our slipping and falling. But it is even more important to experience sorrow for our weakness and actively do penance as a concrete sign of our contrition. Our repentance and avoiding sin pleases the Lord.

We are called to repent and be spared from the judgement of the Lord (Rev. 3:1-6; 14-22). Zacchaeus is an example to ponder. In the Lord’s presence, he owned his sins and then he did restitution as penance (Lk. 19:1-10). By grace and penance, we own our salvation.

Loving Saviour, we stumble and fall into sin each day of our lives. But Your amazing grace, blood and mercy are constantly poured into our lives for our salvation. May our sorrow and penance for our sins be the evidence we manifest in our desire to be with You forever. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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