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Daily Bytes

Our purpose in life is known from our biblical origin. We were created to enjoy the paradise of Eden and live happily with our God. We were given the command to ‘eat’ everything, but avoid one fruit, so that we may live. Our disobedience caused our exile from Eden.

God who created then chose to re-create. In order to restore us to paradise, He ‘took flesh’ and became one like us in all things but sin. Then to impart new life, He took bread and told us to once again ‘eat’. The new meal of His Body and Word are gifts for eternal life.

To ‘eat of the Lord’ is to say ‘yes’ to being a member of His Body. To show authentic love for Him is to do what He commands (Lk. 17:7-10). So our purpose is clear: obey the Lord and live, or disobey Him with the consequence of being kicked out of our eternal home.

Loving Lord, You created us to live with You in a bond of eternal love. Your love and mercy are unquestionable. Your Body nourishes us and Your Word guides our daily lives. Forgive our selfish and sinful ways. Help us to resist the spirit of disobedience. May Your Spirit help us to conform to Your commands, so that we will inherit our heavenly paradise. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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