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  • Fr. Howard Thompson

Daily Bytes

Our Lord gives us a three-fold approach to sin and the sinner (Lk: 17:3-4). ‘If someone sins, rebuke him/her; if he/she repents, then forgive the individual; if the person wrongs you and apologizes, you are to forgive’. The conditions for the forgiveness of our sins are clear.

Today we struggle with naming sin, much less owning our sins. Our selfish desires; inability to distinguish right from wrong; influence of the media and practices of the world; lack of kindness over meanness, and the state of one’s mind and heart lead us away from God.

As we ponder the end of time and our own death, where do we want to spend eternity?

Loving Lord, we are weak but You are strong. We are sinners but You are all-holy. Help us to name our sins in order to approach You with humble spirits and contrite hearts, and ask for Your forgiveness. As we are forgiven by You, help us to forgive each other. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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