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Daily Bytes

Today’s gospel (Lk. 15:1-10) reveals the value of ‘one’. Both the shepherd and the woman are overjoyed at finding the one sheep and one coin respectively. The dedication to find the one lost sheep and one lost coin is even more impressive when consideration is given to the fact that they had other sheep and coins available.

Our Lord created and loves each person. Every individual is precious in His eyes. It is His desire that every son and daughter spend eternity with Him. Every human being deserves respect and care. One life not aborted can become the leader of a nation. One idea can set the group on fire. One loving thought or act can change the world.

Loving Lord, You are the One, True and Living God who deserves our worship and praise. Each and every detail of our lives has been worked out for our good. May we never fail to recognise the dignity of each person for whom You died and who You desire to save. Let our every thought, word and act lead us deeper into Your mystical presence. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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