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Daily Bytes

Peace and unity are the desire and goal of every family and society. So why would our Lord say in Luke 12:51 that He came to bring division? Our Lord calls us to holiness. This is not achieved overnight but it is a life long journey. It is a daily response to God’s call.

Our growth in holiness is a direct result of our love for God and a sincere desire to live by His word. When this happens, division naturally occurs. Those who seek to please God by our lives will eventually outgrow those who reject the true ways of the Lord.

May the fire of the Holy Spirit ‘burn’ away those attitudes; intentions; mindset; appetites; habits; choices and lifestyle that do not promote our spiritual growth. May we also discern who helps us to draw close to God and who leads us away from His kingdom.

Loving Lord, Your way and word lead to true unity and harmony. May we strive to remove the vice in our hearts and lives that causes fracture and disharmony with You and each other. Help us to discern and make the right choices that will lead to holiness of life. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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