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To have been given the gift of a truly loving mother, is to know a blessing beyond compare. The cry of blessing upon Mary, the mother of Jesus (Lk. 11:27-28), is not to be overlooked nor taken lightly. Mary’s maternal care, her spirituality in pondering God and His word, and her guiding Jesus in the right way to live, are to be celebrated.

What is even more impressive, is that Mary had such a powerful impact without the various trappings of life. She was not wealthy to ensure Jesus had the best at his fingertips. She did not have power or connections to ensure He advanced by any means necessary. Her faith and love, grounded in God’s word, were the lights for her son.

May Mary’s example of natural and spiritual motherhood be a source of inspiration, hope and motivation for us all. Like Mary, may we become and bring good news to everyone.

Loving Father, You give us the gifts of loving mothers and fathers to guide our daily lives. May we honour them by imitating their good qualities, embracing Your word and be truly effective witnesses for the next generation. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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