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Daily Bytes

The “Our Father” prayer (Lk. 11:1-4) is familiar to both Christians and non-Christians. Due to funerals; weddings; special celebrations, interfaith services and regular liturgical gatherings, this prayer is often prayed on the lips and in the hearts of many people.

We know this prayer from memory. It is more fruitful to ponder each word and line of this prayer to remind us of what is expected of us as children of God. To seek His kingdom and will; trust Him to provide and exercise forgiveness, are marks to be evident in our lives.

Loving Father, we Your children thank and praise You for the gift of our lives, and for the saving grace and practical care You manifest daily. May we make You proud by the worship we offer, the love we share and the joy we reveal by owning You as our heavenly Daddy. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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