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Psychology helps us to understand human behaviour. Freud is credited with the concept of ‘projection’, whereby people project unto others that which is present in their own lives. This is a defence mechanism, as the individual accuses the other of that which the said person does not want to face in one’s life. Yet authentic growth begins by owning our traits.

Today Jesus reveals He is the ultimate psycho-spiritual Teacher. The Bible addresses real human behaviour. It guides us in how we are to live and what we need to face and change. When Jesus tells us to first “remove the beam” from our own eyes (Mt. 7:1-5), He is saying we should avoid ‘projection’ and do not judge. Pray for healing and true growth.

Lord Jesus, we acknowledge You as our perfect Saviour. Help us to own our imperfections. Teach us how to work on them, refrain from judging others and live as a people of love. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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