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Daily Bytes

Today our Lord reveals something quite startling: the Creator of the universe has nowhere to lay His head (Lk. 9:57-62). By using metaphoric language, our Saviour brings to our consciousness the need to answer the question - will we grant Him a home in our hearts? He who knocks at the door of our hearts (Rev. 3:20) waits for our response.

If we choose to open the door to allow the Lord to ‘lay His head’ and live in our hearts, then we have to nurture this relationship and make Him our priority. To journey with Him is to walk in newness of life away from anything that brings spiritual death. The beauty of having Him as the center of our lives is that He makes all our relationships even more beautiful.

Loving Lord, come and live in our hearts. Give us the strength and courage we need to face every storm and challenge of life. May we take comfort in the fact that no matter the many experiences in life, Your faithful presence and eternal grace will keep us safe. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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