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Daily Bytes

If believers truly want to be a source of goodness, we have to keep connected to our God who is all-good, and examine the real state of our hearts. Our words and actions can veil our hidden and real intentions, which may not be perceived by others but is known to the Lord. Under the guise of good, the heart may still be rooted in deep darkness.

Our Lord heard the disciples arguing over who among them is the greatest. He also knew their thoughts and intentions of their heart (Luke 9:46-47). If the desires of our hearts are rooted in power struggles and controlling others; rising in life by dragging others down, or being selective in who we love, we are missing the mark. Pray for purified hearts.

Our Father in heaven, You give us hearts so that we can love and be loved. Let Your Spirit purify our hearts, so that our words, actions and intentions can be aligned to promote Your glory. May our lives truly bear sweet fruits of goodness that bring joy to all. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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