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Daily Bytes

In today’s gospel (Lk. 7:1-10), there are two outstanding features of the Centurion that we should imitate. The first is his humility. He did not consider himself worthy to have the Lord under his roof. Do we show reverential respect to God and His house of worship? By being in awe of God, we too should humbly approach our God and have faith in Him.

The second is the Centurion’s authentic concern for his slave. A slave was viewed as a non-entity. A slave’s existence was completely dependent on the favour of the master. Do we genuinely show care and concern for those who are less fortunate than ourselves? Do we pray for them and do the good we can on their behalf? This pleases the Lord.

Loving Lord, accept our prayers for ourselves and those around us. May our love for You be evident in our lives of faith and humility. Bless the sick, sorrowful and less fortunate among us. Empower us to be Your face of mercy and generosity for them. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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