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No individual is ever so small, insignificant nor unimportant, that he or she cannot be used by our Mighty God to do great things. Bethlehem-Ephrathah was a small and forgettable place. But out of her came the Shepherd and Saviour of the world (Mi. 5:1-4). Mary was a young teenager, with no ‘voice’ of importance; who had no status nor wealth, and was not counted among the ‘privileged’. Yet, she was chosen to be the Mother of the Lord.

On this birthday of our Blessed Mother, we give thanks for her Motherhood. We pray for all our mothers, living and dead, who nurtured us and made so many sacrifices for our proper growth and well-being. We thank God for the positive lessons they imparted and the value they gave to each of us to live and be alive. Mary and our Mothers reveal that each child is worthy and is an instrument in the hands of our God. Surrender to God’s plans.

Loving Father, You give us the gift of Mary so that we can understand that every individual has a part to play in Your plan of salvation. As Mary brought Christ into the world, so may You favour each of us with Your Spirit, so that we too may reveal Your love to all. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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