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Daily Bytes

“To save life rather than to destroy it?” (Lk. 6:9), that is the question. God did not create us to destroy us. We are given life and the promise of eternal life to all who follow the Lord. If we respond to His love and mercy, then we will live. That choice is given to all. But we prefer our way rather than God’s way. We justify those thoughts, words, and actions that are neither rooted in the word of the Lord, nor the sensitivity of the Spirit. But if we are sorrowful and repent, our Saviour will lead us from death into the light of life. Beloved, starting tomorrow and for the next three weeks, I invite you to visit our Facebook page ( or our Website ( to view the Daily Byte. You can use today’s link to get you on either platform, and then simply scroll to the current Byte. Do try and begin your day with the short reflection and prayer. Peace. Loving Saviour, You who made us know how weak we are. Although we give our consent to follow You, we often choose to stray from Your way and word. Forgive us O Lord. Cleanse us from our stains of sin. Rescue us from the experiences of spiritual death that we either give to ourselves or each other. Hold us in Your arms, and carry us into life. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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