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Daily Bytes

Our God desires and has the power to heal our afflictions. At various times in our lives, our minds, hearts, bodies and spirits will get sick. But the Lord who loves us and sympathises with us truly wants us to be well. In today’s gospel (Lk. 4:38-44) we see the Lord curing all kinds of ailments. Good health is authentic wealth.

But what happens when I pray and do not experience healing, neither for myself nor for another person? We can only humbly bring our request to God. We cannot control Him. So God does heal: always the mind, heart and spirit; and sometimes the body. His aim is to get us to trust Him and have faith in His purposeful timing.

It is interesting to note that when Jesus started His public ministry, there is no record of Him being sick. He who cured the sick was never recorded as being ill. He who is without sin has the power to forgive sin. He who is the source of life was raised from the dead. He who was healthy has the power to heal our entire being.

Loving Lord, heal our distorted minds and broken hearts. Restore our fallen spirits and cure our bodies’ illnesses. May we use the gift of our health to serve and glorify You. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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