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Experience shows that without a vision, people will lack motivation and feel uninspired. We all have personal and communal dreams and visions for our lives. We study and work hard to achieve them, as we all envision life beyond the current moment.

Our Lord gives a vision of heaven (Jn. 1:50-51). We are assured that there is life after death and those who believe will be with Him, the Angels and our loved ones. However, as with our earthly requirements, attaining heaven requires deliberate effort.

Our embracing the vision of heaven and eventually attaining eternal life with our God starts with our journey on earth. By choosing to walk humbly with God in our daily lives and living by His word, our faith lives on earth will lead to ‘full residence’ in heaven.

Loving Father, You bring comfort to our minds, joy to our hearts and warmth to our souls. In You we have our everything that fully satisfies our longing. May we willingly accept all that You give us to make our dreams come true: eternity with You. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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