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Jesus highlights three important concepts regarding our spiritual lives. “Judgement, mercy and fidelity” (Mt. 23:23b) are all important for our spiritual growth. Judgement is based on how we observe the law of the Lord. Mercy is a gift freely given by God to those who are contrite. Fidelity to the Lord is really based on His unquestionable faithfulness to us.

The beauty of these three realities is that no matter one’s religion, political affiliation, class, status or age, all three provide the foundation for us to be better human beings. Observing the norms of one’s group promote order. Embracing and extending mercy motivates us to do better. Fidelity to our ever-faithful God imparts the comfort of always being loved.

Loving Father, Your care and concern for us as Your children knows no bounds. You give us all that we need to sustain us in this life, and prepare us for the after-life. May our gratitude stir us to glorify You in our lives, as we worship You in spirit and truth. Amen.


Fr. Howie



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